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Tourism and Environment, December 2016

Tourism and Environment, December 2016
Published date: 21.12.2016 13:40 | Author: Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism

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First of all I would like to greet you, wish you pleasant holidays and a successful coming year.

Since the renewal of independence to this day, and I would dare say even decades before that, generations who managed our country had complex, substantial, and why not say, historical national goals, whether related to internal or external policy. This Government, I believe, as no other before, has been given a chance to focus on the improvement of the standard of living.

The key of any sustainable development is adequate and efficient environmental protection. Our goal is primarily to preserve natural beauties which are without doubt the greatest treasure of Montenegro and develop them to the extent that will not have unacceptable impact on eco systems within them. At the same time, in this way we want to involve them in serving to tourism and promotion of Montenegro as an ecological state.

We will develop the environment, with special emphasis on the National Parks and other protected zones, guided and led by the greatest world experts from this area, where any interested local parties and wider public will take part as well.

Tourism is the most significant economic branch of this country, thus we will, just like in the area of the environment, direct all our efforts to development and growth of sustainable tourism. While in the area of the environment our primary goal will be to preserve nature and space for future generations, in tourism it will be the growth generated through an offer recognizable for our region.

All the measured indexes for this year, when it comes to tourism, are better than the ones from last year. But we mustn’t allow ourselves to stop there, satisfied with the achieved. The fact that we are better than we used to be does not mean that we are good enough, and particularly it does not mean that we are better than the others against who we are competing in the market.

So, in every segment of our activities we will rely on our own and the resources outside our country, i.e. on those who know the best, who know how and who can. Motivation and professionalism should be the key features of the officials wanting to inweave their work in a sustainable vision of work of this Ministry.

I believe that by joint commitment to work that is entrusted to us we can preserve the nature and space and develop them in the way that will be equally comfortable to citizens and invaluable for eco systems of our country – the country we inherited from our ancestors and that we are obliged to leave to future generation as legacy that they will be proud of.

Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism
Pavle Radulović

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