Olivera Brajović - Directorate for Tourism Development and Standards

Ministarstvo održivog razvoja i turizma

Born on 10th of April in 1964. in Belgrade. She graduated from the University of Titograd, Faculty of Law in May 1987. From July 2012. is in charge at the position of Deputy Minister at the Department for Tourism Development, in the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. She is fluent in English and with a good knowledge of Italian and Russian language.

Department for Tourism Development in its jurisdiction performs tasks related to the creation of tourism policy, participation in the preparation of National strategic documents in sector of tourism, proposing measures for encouraging investment activities of entrepreneurs in tourism, through tourism development of protected natural valorization and their economic benefits, as well as the promotion and improvement of technical and other standards and quality of service in accordance with internationally accepted standards. All of these activities are in order to create a unique tourism offer through the introduction of the tourist product of our country, which are made by a range of facilities and tourist attractions which Montenegro is rich with.

Previous work experience:
- Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment Protection, Deputy Minister in the Department for inspection supervision and violation procedure (2010. - 2012.)
- The Federal Customs Administration and the Montenegrin Customs Administration worked in the managerial positions and participated in the leading development projects (1991. - 2010.)
- The Federal Ministry of Justice and Administration, Department for Political System, Belgrade, at the position of Associate (1990. -1991.)
- Secretariat for Urban Planning, Construction, Residential and Utilities, Municipal Rovinj, Croatia, at the position of Associate (1989. – 1900.)
- Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Montenegro, at the position of Associate (1988. – 1989.)
- Basic Court in Podgorica, at the position of Intern (1987. – 1988.)


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E-mail: olivera.brajovic@mrt.gov.me