Published date: 10.07.2009 12:21 | Author: Projekti Ministarstva

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With its length of 13km, its extraordinary location and marvelous scenery, unique flora and fauna, medicinal qualities and the azure sea, with plenty of sunnny days per year, unspoiled nature and hospitable people who know the meaning of being a good host, the area of VELIKA PLAŽA (Long Beach) certainly offers a wide range of opportunities - your creativity, along with compliance with the principles of sustainable development, being the only possible limiting factor. If you are good, if you are the best, if you have a sense for creating balance between nature and humanity, in the light of the expertise and technological achievements of the 21st century, then you may recognize your business interest here. But there is more to VELIKA PLAŽA than this. This is one of those projects that, if properly designed and implemented, have the capacity to change the quality of life of people living in the region or even the whole country of Montenegro, a state in the heart of Europe. This is one of those projects that set the standards for others in the years and decades ahead. This is a project that has the potential to bring profit, but also offers a sound opportunity to leave a legacy for future generations. VELIKA PLAŽA May be Your Challenge of a Lifetime!