UNCCD in Montenegro

Montenegro has ratified the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) in March 2007. Until today certain important steps have been made towards the implementation of the Convention, but Montenegro still does not have the National Action Program (NAP) according to the obligations of the UNCCD.

Being a country in transition, after gaining its independence Montenegro has faced numerous social, economic and environmental issues, among which the land degradation is considered as one of the most important. 

Current issues important for sustainable use of natural resources (including the use of land) in Montenegro, together with challenges related to effective use of land are mentioned in the National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS) of Montenegro aligned to the Mediterranean and EU Sustainable Development Strategy. Primary goals for land management defined in the NSDS are the improvement of soil management and prevention of causes and effects of land degradation. According to NSDS, one of the first measures for realization of these goals is the ratification of the UNCCD and the implementation of measures foreseen by the Convention. Even though, Montenegro still does not have NAP aligned to the UNCCD 10-Year Strategy. 

Montenegro has submitted its First National Report to UNCCD in 2012. However, during data collection for the purpose of reporting, a certain homogeneity and cooperation between relevant institutions has lacked. The cooperation and homogeneity needs to be enforced by implementing a framework for data collection and dissemination. 

The need for the development of the NAP to combat land degradation and its mainstreaming into National Development Strategy, PRSP and other relevant national strategic documents in Montenegro, was emphasized in the First National Report on implementation of UNCCD as one of the urgent measures for solving the issues of land degradation. The NAP development project will emphasize the activities aiming at encouraging the mainstreaming of NAP recommendations into relevant national strategic documents and donors programs.