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European experts visited the Railway Infrastructure Montenegro AD Podgorica

European experts visited the Railway Infrastructure Montenegro AD Podgorica
Published date: 19.09.2012 14:16 | Author: Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism

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Tariq Nawaz, a European expert, with his associates working on “Achieving the highest safety and technical quality of construction” project visited today the Railway Infrastructure to present Eurocodes advantages in civil engineering. The project is financed by EU, with ASI and AFNOR partners, and is implemented in Montenegro with full participation of the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism, with aim to generally improve constructions safety and enhance competitiveness of construction industry.

Railway Infrastructure Montenegro is recognised by European standardization team as a promoter of technological and technical development in Montenegro, Mr Tariq Nawaz so during the meeting with the President of the Board, Mr Zarija Franović insisted that experts from the Railway Infrastructure should participate in implementation of Eurocodes in Montenegro.

Mr Zarija Franović informed European experts with present practice of investment implementation lead by the Railway Infrastructure, and the experts evaluated them as completely transparent with the assessment that there is evident application of strict FIDIC standards. During the meeting, it was agreed, on mutual satisfaction, about the level of participation of experts from the Railway Infrastructure in the above-mentioned project.