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Announcement of International Public Competition For The Architectural Design of Promenade in Budva

Announcement of International Public Competition For The Architectural Design of Promenade in Budva
Published date: 09.08.2019 14:22 | Author: Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism

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About the Competition

During the September of 2019 The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism – Directorate of Chief Architect of the State in partnership with Public Enterprise for Management of Sea Property and the Municipality of Budva are going to publish a call for international, single-stage competition for the architectural promenade in Budva. The competition includes the hinterland of Slovenska plaža beach together with the beach in Bečići and their internal connection.

The competition is focusing on finding the possibility for the creation of practical and innovative solution for the „lungo mare“ type of promenade in Budva as the most important pedestrian communication in that zone. That zone is known as a particularly distinguishable element of the typical Mediterranean coast and this competition is aiming to find an appropriate and correct framework for that kind of settlement.

The architectural design for the promenade, as a dominant urban characteristic of Budva and Bečići, should also serve as an impulse for the repairment of the current state of that space esepcially in contact zones around the riviera of Budva.

About Budva and the importance of arrangement of promenade

The city of Budva with its traces of ancient Hellenic Butua that are 2.5 millions of years old is one of the oldest cities in the Adriatic region. The dramatic encounter of mountains and the sea in Budva's riviera, with its beaches that are officially proclaimed as one of Europe's most beautiful, with its exclusive hotels (Sv. Stefan, Miločer and others) has turned Budva into the touristic brand of Montenegro and one of the most prestigious Mediterranian destinations.

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism

The territory of Budva makes part of Montenegrin coast which is famous for its unique geomorphologic and landscape diversity. The municipality of Budva ihabited by less than 35 000 citizens is characterized by typical sesonal oscillations when more than 150 000 reside in Budva. The capacity of public spaces, whose functional and sociologic aspects weren't recognised in previous period is ineadquate for an increased number of tourists who come in summer period.

This kind of settlement with extremely increased built environment in short period is caused more by care for profit than functional urban planning and need for maintaing the ambiental values and design of public spaces. It is visible in the current state of public spaces and that is precisely why this competition is asking for creative and innovative architectural solutions.

The promanade Budva-Bečići is expected to become both functionally and socially an integrated element of intense built environment. It is expected to become a ''revolutionary'' act compared to what used to be a previous design practice.

Jury and Prizes

The jury of seven participants will be evaluating the design proposals. The prize fund is expected to be 60 000 euros while the number and amount of single prizes are yet to be defined in the writ of Competition. The delivery of design proposals and other relevant details will be defined in the writ of Competition.

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism
IV proleterske brigade 19, 81000 Podgorica, Crna Gora