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1. Directorate for Spatial Planning
1.1. Division for Strategic Spatial Development
1.2. Division for Local Planning Documents
1.3. Division for National Planning Documents
1.4. Division for Planning Documents Implementation Monitoring
1.5. Division for Normative Legal Affairs and Second Instance Procedure in Spatial Planning

2. Directorate for Construction
2.1. Division for Public Works
2.2. Division for Construction Strategic Development
2.3. Division for Normative Legal Affairs and Second Instance Procedure in the Field of Construction
2.4. Division for Licensing
2.5. Division for licences and urban and technical conditions

3. Directorate for Tourism Development and Standards
3.1. Division for Tourism Standards
3.2. Division for Hospitality, Tourism Development and Investment Projects 

4. Directorate for Tourism Destination Management
4.1. Division for Tourism Strategy and Policy
4.2. Division for Special Forms of Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure

5. Directorate for Housing Development
5.1. Division for Housing
5.2. Division for Regulation

6. Directorate for Environment
6.1. Division for Horizontal Legislation
6.2. Division for Air Protection and Environmental Protection Against the Noise
6.3. Division for Control of Industrial Pollution and Chemicals Management
6.4. Division for Nature Protection

7. Directorate for Waste Management and Utility Development
7.1. Division for Waste Management
7.2. Division for Utility Development

8. Directorate for EU Integration and International Cooperation
8.1. Division for EU Integration
8.2. Division for EU and other funds management
8.3. Division for International Cooperation

9. Directorate for Climate Change

10. Minister’s Office

11. Department for General Affairs, Human Resources, Finance, Logistic and Technical Support
11.1. General Affairs Office
11.2. Human Resource Office
11.3. Finance and Accounting Office
11.3. Logistic and Technical Support Office

12. Department for Internal Audit

13. Department for Project Monitoring

14. Department for Support and Process Development

15. Department for Sustainable Development and Integrated Management of the Marine and Coastal Zone

16. Department for PR and Communications