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The Clean Development Mechanism

Published date: 15.07.2009 11:16 | Author: Mehanizam čistog razvoja u Crnoj Gori

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The Clean Development Mechanism is one of the flexible mechanisms established by the Kyoto Protocol under Article 12. Accordingly, Annex I Parties will be able to achieve their quantified emission limitation and reduction commitments under Article 3 of KP through projects aiming at the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions developed in the territory of non-Annex I Parties (Host Countries). Accordingly, Annex I parties will benefit from project activities resulting in certified emission reductions (CERs) and will assist non-Annex I Parties in achieving sustainable development and in contributing to the ultimate objective of the Convention. Non-Annex I Parties can host CDM projects if they fulfill the following requirements:1) ratification of the Kyoto Protocol; 2) designation of a national authority for the CDM; 3) voluntary participation in the CDM.