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CDM potential and projects in Montenegro

Published date: 15.07.2009 11:13 | Author: Mehanizam čistog razvoja u Crnoj Gori

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Montenegro, as an independent State, succeded to the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro in the UNFCC Convention on 23rd October 2006.
Montenegro ratified the Kyoto Protocol (KP) on 4th of June 2007...
Montenegro next steps in the KP sector have been the establishment of the suitable environment to host CDM projects.

Montenegro has a potential to generate a large number of carbon credits over the next years by leveraging investments in the energy, waste, forestry and agricultural sectors. These opportunities can be realized by implementing projects that reduces GHG emissions or enhance sequestration.
A preliminary analysis of the carbon potential of Montenegro estimates the aggregate potential in terms of CO2 at around 2.5 million tons of CO2eq per year
Download the estimated carbon potential per sector table

Currently the national CDM pipeline is made up by several projects in various sectors and at different development stages. The current CDM opportunities can be summarized as follows:
projects under development: PDDs expected to be submitted to the DNA by the end of 2008;
Download the list of projects under development
pilot initiatives: pre-feasibility or feasibility study already available, ready to start the CDM development process;
Download the list of pilot initiatives
further project proposals and programmatic CDM opportunities: at the project idea stage, a feasibility evaluation is necessary in order to analyze the real CDM potential.